Ta-Seti Foundation, Inc.

What Was Needed:

Ta-Seti Foundation, Inc. needed promotional materials for 2018, for the purpose of raising funds, gaining new memberships, and as a way to introduce themselves to new audiences. They were partnering with African historian Runoko Rashidi, and wanted to feature some of his photographs of  Egyptian artifacts, taken in various museums around the world, as part of this promotion.


Sankofa Multimedia & Design worked closely with Ta-Seti Foundation’s Core Team members, to plan and design:

  • Calendar
  • Greeting cards
  • Postcards
  • Collection would be “The Nile Valley Collection”


  • Two very unique poster-style, ledger-sized wall calendars
  • Six  beautiful, 5″ x 7″ Collector’s Edition greeting cards
  • Five 4″ x 5″ postcards

Sankofa Multimedia & Design worked closely with the client, kept them informed during every step along the way, handled printing and production tasks and concerns, and delivered the completed products on time and under budget.

We also designed a series of product ads at certain points in the campaign, which were posted on their social media channels.