The Creative Process

The Perfect Idea

You have the perfect idea: you know exactly what you want, and how you want it. Cool–we’re here to make it happen! But if you’re like most of us, your idea can greatly benefit from a little polish.

At Sankofa Multimedia & Design, we add vision to your ideas to produce products you can be proud of.  How?

  1. Learn: First of all, we learn about your business–your values, competition, and customers.
  2. Define: Next, we sit down with you, learn what you’re looking for, then work together to define the need.
  3. Research: Are there similar solutions already in place? We examine them to help spark the creative process.
  4. Ideation: Here’s where we brainstorm and explore any ideas and possible solutions; and from this we form a number of strong concepts.
  5. Selection: We present the concepts to you, to choose one.
  6. Execution: We create your product, based on what we learned in the proceeding steps.
  7. Delivery: The finished product is presented.

Voila!  Your idea has become reality, ready to take your business to the next level!