Creative Focus

The Creative Mind

A creative project requires creative people to implement it. Simple. Right?  But what makes a creative person?  Creativity takes time to develop, and discipline to keep.

The creative mind effectively engages both right (creativity, imagination, emotional) and left hemispheres (cognitive, analytical, memory) of the brain, combined with critical thinking to come up with those winning concepts. Design companies who find truly creative people, hang on to them.

At Sankofa Multimedia & Design, in addition to having the technical skills and know-how, we provide an environment which allows creativity to flourish.

  • Design: We like what we do – and we add a creative flair in everything we produce.
  • Value: We believe our products add value to peoples’ lives, which is very important to us.
  • Parameters: The creative process identifies the right parameters, allowing the designers to focus on creative solutions.
  • Resources: We have the right resources that allows the creative mind to flow.